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American Development Group provides a full range of real estate services to plan, build, market, finance and manage New York's most exclusive and innovative properties. Our strong array of talent, capabilities, and resources give us the flexibility to make projects happen. What's more, as a full-service leader in the country's most demanding and sophisticated market, ADG maintains solid professional relationships within its offices, providing professional management administration by being an accredited management organization having key employees who hold the distinguished Certified Property Management ("CPM") designation, to having structural and architectural staff that manage our key business partners throughout the industry. These relationships help ADG secure preferential status in allowing the firm to build and manage the finest buildings that the team undertakes. For more information, please visit:

Halstead Property Development Marketing is the exclusive sales and marketing firm for numerous new developments in the tri-state area. They consult with developers on every aspect of the development process, including: pre-development planning such as comprehensive market research, detailed unit mix and layout analysis and amenities planning, all of which enables their clients to maximize sales prices, increase absorption rates and provide an overall superior product benefiting the consumer and developer. In addition, the division directs and coordinates the selection of all on-site personnel, conducts extensive sales training and monitoring, designs exceptional sales environments, and creates integrated communications planning including marketing, advertising, public relations and branding. For more information on the Halstead Property Development Marketing Division, please visit:

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