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A Rich Past, a Vibrant Present

Park Slope is rich with history – from its first inhabitants, the Lenape Indians to its first European Dutch settlers who farmed the area in colonial times. Today it enjoys a reputation as a vibrant residential neighborhood that attracts those who are putting down roots in Park Slope for its eclectic mix of cultural attractions, exceptional residences, green spaces, and sense of community.

Known as the Gold Coast, many wealthy New Yorkers built stately Victorian mansions during the 1860s facing Prospect Park West, on 8th Avenue and along the East-West blocks running the length of Prospect Park. New York Magazine, Natural Home Magazine and the American Planning Association have all recognized it as a top neighborhood in America, and the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission recently added 600 19th and early-20th century buildings to Park Slope making its historic area larger than Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.


BAM - Brooklyn Academy of Music
Celebrating its 150th year history, BAM is a thriving urban arts center that has expanded beyond the traditional boundaries of classical music concerts into an international center for performing arts and film. BAM offers a wealth of musical and artistic programs, educational outreach and free community programs suited to all ages

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